The Refine Take 2 Challenge


Most fitness programs require you to do more: more workouts, more rules, more restrictions.

We want you to commit to less, but make your commitment stronger. Workout at least twice a week for three months. Save big and gain even more.

Whether you're prepping for your wedding, training for a marathon or looking to get back in shape, The Refine Take 2 Challenge offers the motivation, accountability and community necessary to make a long-term commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

What you get:

Unlimited $25 classes for the duration of the Challenge.

How long it lasts:

Each Challenge runs approximately 12 weeks. Ask us for the current dates!

What's the catch?

Use it or lose it! Refine at least 2x per week or lose access to your exclusive $25 class rate.

Ready to #RefineTake2?

Email to join The Challenge and be sure to head to @RefineMethod to see the winner of the last Challenge!


Check out Refiners who have already joined the challenge!